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Creativity is inborn and often honed up with the constant inculcation of skills with time and passion. JNFF always strives to work with people who challenge us with their creativity and enable themselves to move ahead irrespective of any barriers and arrive at the best possible creative solution. 

JNFF is designated as Jharkhand National Film Festival. It’s a 1st Film Festival in Jharkhand at National Level.

It is attached with ASMA Charitable trust and Mitra Productions so, it promotes social awareness and interest of movie in people of Jharkhand.

JNFF is created with  the vision of making Jharkhand’s talented people to come forward in Bollywood movies and even the talented students around Nation who cannot come forward due to financial issues.

Our planning for JNFF is to grow it World Wide so that the small town talent can come forward.

                                                Our Vision

To be a helping hand for small town talented people and students and even encouraging them for film making development.

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