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(Bollywood Director JNFF Patron)

I came in JNFF and it was my luck, and by seeing all talents here I'm feeling very enthusiastic and encouraged. I would like to congratulate the organizers Mr. Sanjay Satpathy and Mr. Rraju Mitra who have made this Festival with their year's hard work. would like to state to the government of Jharkhand that the support that they have provided is very good and if it is increased, then it will turn with profit for Jharkhand. To present Jharkhand as Centre of Film and art these boys, have put their full effort, if they are promoted, then it will be good deed for Jharkhand. So, I would request all the government and Private agencies to support them and support JNFF so that people can grow. I would thank for the previous support provided and would request for further support. Wishing that JNFF to become one of the biggest festival in this world.

(Bollywood Actor JNFF Patron)

This is the First Jharkhand National Film Festival 's 2nd day, it is a good opportunity for small town film makers to sit with the big artists and learn things. Rraju Mitra, Sanjay Satpathy, Rekha have organized this Festival, which is an achievements of its own. People have lots of talent but they do not get opportunity like this. I want to give good wishes to Jharkhand government who made the policy and is supporting in such kind of Festival and I would request the government to support more in financial way. My best wishes are with all and will be waiting for more such kinds of work. We will be supporting you as much as possible.

(Bollywood JNFF Celebrity Guest)

It's a happy moment that the National film festival is being organized in Jamshedpur for the first time in the year, 2018 as its name suggests, First Jharkhand National Film Festival. I am involved in this Festival and I'm feeling happy and I'm feeling good, and also feeling Lucky enough. The organizers Mr. Rrju Mitra and Mr. Sanjay Satpathy called me up and I felt very happy to talk to them. Their words expressed their passion to do something on Films in their region, I really felt happy and thus, I agreed to visit

(Bollywood Actor & JNFF Celebrity Guest)

First Jharkhand national film festival in which I have got an opportunity to be a part of it. Inside this area of Jharkhand, Jharkhand National Film Festival basically by Sanjay Satpathy & Rraju Mitra has started an opportunity to promote local and region people in the field of film i.e, highly appreciable, and well wishes from my side is that, this festival should run year by year and its magnitude increases, and it becomes from National to International Festival. So, in this way People will get opportunity to grow and its 100% sure.

(Bollywood Director & JNFF Patron)

Hi I am Aanand Raut a flim director. I entered JNFF and was a part of special guest the program was balanced, organised and disciplined also I have seen many programs but JNFF had a different and amazed impact and all the credits goes to organising team mainly Sanjay Satpathy and Rraju Mitra. I am really happy and experienced a lot different things being a part of it. Also their team has putted all the talents all together from different corners of Jharkhand which was really appreciated even they have also connected these talents with Mumbai which worked as the pool. I have been participated in many of the events and program's but after joining with JNFF it was a total emotional attachment because of the behavior of their team. I wish a very good luck and many more successful events in future.

(Actor/Producer & JNFF Patron)

I am Sukhdev Mahto Joining the Jharkhand National Film Festival I am very happy. It is a matter of happiness that I am the patron of this festival. Due to the presence of this festival, the people of the film industry in Jharkhand will get a lot of benefits and avenues of employment will open. The founders of this festival Raju and Sanjay are doing a great job for Jharkhand. Thank you.

(Bollywood Actor/Member of film council govt. Jharkhand)

Jharkhand has many talents, and art inside it, which should be taken out and it can be done from this Festival, Jharkhand National Film Festival". Government of Jharkhand has taken out new policies of movies, which is quite impressive and the effort that has been shown is tremendous. I think in the coming year it will grow and can become a Film city also. Rajoo Mitra and Sanjay Sathpathy have done a wonderful job, due to which talented People of Jharkhand will get their platform easily. I would even request people and the government of Jharkhand to support them as they are working for the betterment of the state. We can see now a days, everyone is looking forward to become an artist for which they have to struggle a lot by immigrating in other states. If we support Rraju Mitra and Sanjay Sathpathy, everyone will get a platform in their own state and no one has to immigrate themselves to Mumbai.

(Social Worker/JNFF Patron)

Like always, this time too he has provided many things to the entire theatre, he is also our patron. Together we are promoting art culture. Jharkhand government is with us, especially Sanjay ji and Raju Mitra ji, I congratulate and this year I wish that all the people who are connected, they move forward and we will continue to do whatever we can to help. Thank You


Myself Purabi Ghosh.Social and cultural Activist associated with 54 organizations. Region chairperson of District 322A International association of lions Clubs. President of Insurance employees Association Jamshedpur Division.I feel proud being associated with Jharkhand National Film Festivals. In very short span JNFF has reached new heights.I hope in near future it will spread its image in National level Jharkhand Film festival provides a platform for these budding filmmakers to showcase their talent and creativity with beautiful direction. The JNFF platform would help them get closer to their goal of being a renowned filmmaker in our 100-year-old film industry. Sri Rraju Mitra and Sri Sanjay Satpathy are two guys who have taken initiative to promote Jharkhand National Film Festivals at Jamshedpur. So many famous film makers and artists have visited Jamshedpur during film festivals such as Pankaj Tripathy,Prakash Raj, Yaspal Sharma, Aditya Srivastava, Imtiaz Ali etc. We feel proud of Rraju Mitra and Sanjay Satpathy.

(Bollywood Actress / Model / Creative Producer)

Jharkhand has many talents, and art inside it, which should be taken out and it can be done from this Festival, "Jharkhand National Film Festival". Government of Jharkhand has taken out new policies of movies, which is quite impressive and the effort that has been shown is tremendous. I think in the coming year it will grow and can become a Film city also. Rraju Mitra and Sanjay Satpathy have done a wonderful job, due to which its get its level.